Board of Management Meeting 12/12/2023

Agreed Report

  • Junior Infant Enrolment ApplicationsThe offers of places for the 2024/25 school year have been sent out to families, and the remaining applicants have been notified of their respective places on the waiting list. 
  • Golf Classic FundraiserDue to poor weather, the Interactive Smartboard Golf Classic fundraiser was postponed to Friday 26th April. Thanks again to the organising Committee.  
  • Gen-Free CharterThe data gathered from the sign-up form sent to parents after the October mid-term has been communicated to organisers within the county, and feedback was very positive. 
  • Schools Photovoltaic Programme (Solar Panels)Schools within the county have been included in the first phase of the programme. This will potentially fund up to 6 kW of roof-mounted solar PV, including connection to the grid and a monitoring system & display screen for the school.
  • Anti-Bullying ReviewThe Board of Management reviewed and ratified the Anti-Bullying Policy.
  • Parents Association: The Board thanked the Parents Association for their work in organising the Halloween Disco, and Faithlegg Hotel were also thanked for providing the venue on the night. 
  • Christmas Holidays: The school will close on Friday 22nd December at 12pm, & re-open on Monday 8th January.
  • Merry Christmas: The Board would like to wish all students, staff and families a very safe and happy Christmas.  

Board of Management meeting   17/10/2023

Agreed Report

  • The Board of Management thanked the current serving members for their voluntary time and contribution in supporting the school over the past four years.
  • Child Protection Review: The Board of Management reviewed and amended the Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment. This was agreed and approved for the school year ahead.
  • Enrolment Applications: The window for Junior Infant Enrolment Applications has been open since October 1st, and the deadline for accepting applications is October 31st.
  • Golf Classic – Interactive Smartboard Fundraiser: The Board were updated on the progress of the Golf Classic, and the organising Committee were acknowledged for their contribution and effort. Due to the course being closed, the Golf Classic has since been postponed to Friday 26th April.
  • Erasmus: An Information Night for parents of children traveling on the upcoming mobility was held in the school on the 9th October. There was an update on the ongoing project work, and the proposed staff cover for the week of the mobility.
  • Gen Free Initiative: The Board discussed the ‘Gen Free Initiative,’ which is the result of a collaboration between Waterford primary schools and the children’s charity, Barnardos.

This is a voluntary initiative for parents, which involves: No smartphones while in primary school; No social media while in primary school and respect the age ratings on video games.

This will be communicated to parents in the coming weeks.

Board of Management Meeting 18/04/2023

Agreed Report

  • 4th Class Teacher: The Board wished Mr. Stone well following his recent appointment. He has replaced Ms. Jones as 4th Class Teacher for the duration of her maternity leave.  
  • Erasmus Accreditation: The Board were notified of the school’s successful application for Erasmus Accreditation. This will hopefully provide further opportunities to engage with future Erasmus projects.
  • Pedestrian Crossing: A recent update from Waterford Council was shared. It has stated that the planned Pedestrian Crossing outside the school will be fully operational by the start of the new school year.
  • Wellbeing Books: The recent purchase of a set of books around themes of inclusion, diversity & wellbeing was discussed. These will help highlight the importance of such topics to students.
  • Primary Language Curriculum Day: A school closure was outlined for June 2nd, this facilitates in-school training for staff.
  • Student Council: The Student Council, in conjunction with Mrs. Fahy and 6th Class, were acknowledged for organising and co-ordinating of the recent Easter Egg Hunt in the school.
  • Parents Association: The Board thanked the Parents Association for their contribution to gymnastics with Tanya, and their efforts in organising the recent Table Quiz and Easter Raffle. Those who donated prizes & took part were also thanked.
  • Faithlegg House Hotel – GAA Jerseys & Kit: The Board were presented with the new set of GAA jerseys, socks & shorts, which were kindly sponsored by Faithlegg House Hotel. Their continued support is much appreciated by all.
  • Code of Behaviour: The school’s Code of Behaviour was reviewed & approved by the Board.

Board of Management Meeting 08/02/2023

Agreed Report

  • Condolences: On behalf of the whole school community (the Board, staff and students) we offered our condolences to a current board member,  past teacher & vice principal Elizabeth Ferguson on the recent death of her husband Edward. May he Rest in Peace. 
  • Primary Language CurriculumThe Board were updated on the recent in-service PDST Primary Language Curriculum support day.  
  • Student CouncilThe Student Council and the 6th Class students were thanked for their help in running a ‘Christmas Day’ for other classes in the school in December. 
  • Credit Union QuizThe Board acknowledged all those who took part in the Credit Union quiz, and congratulated our winning team. All those who represented the school in the Munster Swimming Gala were also commended. 
  • Quiet RoomOur new Quiet Room/Relaxation Room has been completed in the school, and is now ready for use. Consent will be sought from the parent/guardian of any child that may use the room. 
  • Parents Association: The Board thanked the Parents Association for their contribution towards the ongoing swimming lessons in Faithlegg Hotel. 
  • Mass with Grandparents: Fr. Breen & all the grandparents were thanked for the recent ‘Mass with Grandparents’ that took place as part of Catholic Schools Week. All agreed it was a lovely occasion, and one we hope to continue in the future.

Board of Management Meeting 06/12/2022

Agreed Report

  • Anti-Bullying ReviewThe Board of Management approved the new Anti-Bullying Policy, which will be uploaded and available on the school website. 
  • Admissions StatementThe Board made subsequent changes to our Admission Statement, following the recent mandatory Commencement of the Education Act 2022 (Provision in respect of Children with SEN). 
  • Interactive Screens/WhiteboardsAs recommended, two new 75” ActivPanels were installed in 5th & 6th Class. It was agreed that they are a fantastic resource, and the aim is to equip other classes with them in the future with the support of the P.A. 
  • Junior Infant Enrolment ApplicationsThe offers of places for the 2023/24 school year have been sent out to families, and the remaining applicants have been notified of their respective places on the waiting list. 
  • Relaxation/Quiet RoomA Relaxation/Quiet room has been created & equipped in the school, and will be available for use in the new year. Consent will be sought from all families so that any child may be able to use the room, should the need arise. 
  • Parents Association: The Board thanked the Parents Association for their work in organising the Halloween Disco on the 27th of October. Faithlegg Hotel were also thanked for providing the venue on the night. 
  • Christmas Holidays: The school will close on Wednesday 21st December at 12pm, & re-open on Thursday 5th January.
  • Merry Christmas: The Board would like to wish all students, staff and families a very safe and happy Christmas.  

Board of Management Meeting 11/10/2022

Agreed Report

  • The Board of Management announced Muhammad Saahir Khan as the new Father Nominee, and thanked the outgoing Alan Kirwan for his contribution in recent years.
  • Child Protection Review: The Board of Management reviewed the Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment. This was agreed and approved for the school year ahead. 
  • Enrolment Applications: The Board were informed of the window for Junior Infant Enrolment Applications being open since October 1st, and the deadline for accepting offers being October 31st.
  • Replacement Projectors: Quotes have been sought for replacement projectors/whiteboards, which were recommended for 5th & 6th Class.
  • Kater 4 Kidz: The Board were informed of the positive feedback in relation to the ongoing cooking programme for 4th, 5th and 6th Class. It was agreed that it has been a fantastic opportunity and learning experience for all students involved.  
  • Fibre Wifi: The Board received an update from the Dept. of Education’s Broadband section. The school is scheduled to be connected to the newly available fibre broadband in the area in the near future. 

Parents Association: Claire Coleman was thanked for her contribution and efforts throughout her term as Chairperson of the Parents Association. The process of appointing her successor is ongoing.

Board of Management Meeting 22/06/22

Agreed report

  • Covid-19: The Board of Management again recognised the contribution of the whole school community throughout the various stages of Covid-19 regulations, and welcomed the opportunity for the recent return to activities in/by the school.
  • Confirmation: The children, choir, parents, Mrs. Fahy and Fr. Power were all thanked for their contribution in preparing for the recent Confirmation celebration.
  • Patricia’s Garden: Jimmy, Fr. Power, and Patricia Doherty’s family & friends were commended for their input in creating a lovely garden ceremony in her memory. Ar Dheis Dé go raibh a hAnam.
  • Croke Park: The Board were informed of the breakdown of compulsory Croke Park hours completed by staff in the school, and the many extra additional hours also carried out.  
  • Erasmus+: the recent visit of Spanish guests to our school was discussed, as well as the overall project. The children, staff, parents and local community were recognised for their generosity and hospitality. It was agreed that the project was of great benefit to the school, and would be strongly considered again in the future, should the correct opportunity arise. 
  • Standardised Tests: the overall results of the school versus the national average were presented to the Board, and it was discussed as to how this information will be used to assist our teaching going forward. 
  • Parents Association: The P.A. and the whole school community were thanked for their contribution & support throughout the entire school year, and particularly during the hectic final term. 

Board of Management Meeting 05/04/2022

Agreed Report

• Covid-19: The Board of Management again thanked the whole school community for their continued cooperation and diligence with Covid-19 guidelines. After the easing of restrictions on February 28th, hand sanitising is still ongoing in the school, masks are no longer a requirement but many are still choosing to wear them, and windows and doors are still being opened to allow for ventilation.

• Break times: Staggered break times are still currently in place in the school (junior & senior), and staff will review this after Easter. 

• Erasmus: Staff were thanked for their additional work and commitment in planning & preparing for the recent Erasmus trip to Spain. Students from 5th & 6th Class were acknowledged for their exemplary behaviour throughout, those who were fortunate enough to get to travel and those who stayed behind in school for the week. 

The Board expressed sympathy for those who unfortunately didn’t get the opportunity to travel, and to those who had to juggle delayed passport arrivals and antigen testing. Parents were also thanked for their cooperation & understanding throughout the process. 

• Walk for Ukraine: The Board of Management were informed of the upcoming Sponsored Walk in aid of Ukraine, which will take place on Friday 8th April, organised in conjunction with the Parents’ Association. 

• E.S.B. Pedestrian Crossing: The E.S.B. have had to alter original plans to supply power to the pedestrian crossing near the school gate, by changing a wooden pole to a steel pole. As a result, there will be a delay as the design plans are changed. 

• School Phone: The Board approved the retention of a school mobile phone, which was used on a trial basis for the recent Erasmus trip. This will be used for school outings, matches, tours, photos etc. 

• Zeeko: The Board of Management were updated on the recent Internet Safety talks they funded in the school. 

1st – 6th Class received talks and presentations from an Internet Safety speaker on the day, and the importance of the topic was again emphasised by the Board. 

• CPR Course: The Board expressed their appreciation for Clive O’Regan delivering a recent CPR and Defibrillator Course in the school. 

• Guest Speakers: The Board also thanked Damien McLellan, Andrew Doherty and Gráainne Keating for their recent visits to the school to speak about the Camino and James Rice with 5th & 6th Class. 

• School Activities: In light of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, many activities have returned/are returning to the school, such as orienteering, gymnastics, Little Red Kettle, tag rugby, hurling and an upcoming series of organised art classes.

Board of Management Meeting 08/02/2022

Agreed Report

  • The Board of Management welcomed Jenny Corcoran as the new Mother Nominee, and thanked the outgoing Orla MacNamara for her contribution in recent years. 
  • Covid-19: The Board of Management thanked the school community for their continued diligence and compliance with the guidelines and restrictions that remain in place. Further guidance will be issued to schools in advance of February 28th.
  • CO2 Monitors: CO2 monitors remain in place in every classroom in the school to ensure adequate ventilation and air quality in each room.
  • Communion: The Communion will take place on May 7th
  • Confirmation: The Confirmation will take place on June 17th.
  • GIY and RTÉ: the school were thanked by GIY and RTÉ who recently visited to launch ‘The Big Grow’ initiative. They were really impressed with the school garden, and the children from whom they received a warm welcome. 
  • iPads: 10 new iPads have been purchased for the school, to be used specifically for Learning Support. The Board thanked the Parents’ Association for their contribution to the purchase of these. 
  • Library: the Board acknowledged the work by those involved in getting the School Library up and running again. Thanks to the 6th Class students who have helped with this. The children have really enjoyed visiting the library in their pods, particularly the younger children who may not have had the chance before. We look forward to welcoming parental involvement back with the library as soon as permitted. 
  • Internet Safety: the Board of Management have agreed to fund the Internet Safety talks/lessons, which will be given by Zeeko, from 3rd-6th Class at the end of March. 
  • Uniforms: After much consideration and a lengthy discussion, the Board of Management decided to maintain the current arrangement of uniform and tracksuit in the school. Junior and Senior Infants will continue to be permitted to wear the school tracksuit for the school week, and 1st – 6th Class will continue with the ‘3 and 2’ schedule currently in place – 3 days uniform (Mon – Wed), and 2 days tracksuit (Thurs & Friday).
    In the interest of cost effectiveness and the ever increasing cost of living, the Board of Management undertook a price analysis, and each tracksuit quoted cost considerably more than that of available uniforms. The tracksuit only, as proposed by some parents,  would prove to be an expensive & unfair burden. It was also agreed that the school crest is not a requirement on the school uniform &/or tracksuit. 
  • First-Aid: the staff will receive a First-Aid talk in the coming weeks. A group of staff members have also volunteered to undertake a certified 4-hour CFR Course on a Saturday morning in the next month. A date is being agreed upon, and we would like to extend an invitation to any member of the community who would also be interested in joining. 

Board of Management Meeting 14/12/2021

Agreed Report

·      Mr. O’Sullivan thanked the students, parents and staff for their kind words and messages, as well as the effort they have made in helping him settle into his new role.

·      Charitable donations: The Board of Management would like to thank the school community who made a fantastic effort for the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal and the Crumlin Christmas Jumper Day respectively. Over 100 boxes were contributed, and €400 donated to two great charities.

·      Christmas Raffle: The Board of Management would also like to thank the Parents’ Association who are kindly organising the Christmas Raffle again this year, as well as everyone who has contributed and donated prizes.

·      Christmas Performances: due to the restrictions that remain in place, each class are going to perform and record something Festive which will be emailed home for families to view.

·      An Post: Cards containing messages of goodwill are being created by the children before Christmas, and ‘An Post’ will allow the freepost of these to Nursing Home and Care Home residents.

·      Christmas Door Design: each classroom door is being given a makeover for the Christmas period, and pictures of these will be shared for viewing on the website.

·      First-Aid: the staff have committed to undertaking a First-Aid refresher course, and this will be completed when possible in early 2022.

·      Library: the library is a fantastic resource for the school, and will be up and running again in January to allow children the opportunity to avail of it. This will be done in a different capacity for now, spread out over the course of the week, in class & pod groupings to adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines. It will return to being run in its original capacity as soon as permitted thereafter.

·      Internet Safety: The Board of Management agreed to support Internet Safety talks &/or lessons in the school in early 2022.  

Merry ChristmasThe Board of Management would like to wish everybody a very happy Christmas, and a peaceful New Year.

Board of Management Meeting 5/10/2021

Agreed Report

Mr. Hannon’s relocation:

Mr. Hannon informed the Board that he would be resigning from his post in Faithlegg NS to take up the Principal’s position in a school in West Waterford. He thanked the Board, Staff, Parents and pupils for the fond memories he would be leaving Faithlegg with.

School garden:

Plans are underway to create a school garden in memory of Patricia Doherty. The garden will be located to the front of the school near the greenhouse. Malachy Doherty has agreed to assist with the design and advise on which plant and flowers would be suitable. Malachy has also arranged sponsorship for 100 euro worth of bulbs from the Glanbia CountryLife store in Dungarvan where he works. The garden will have a bench with a commemorative plaque to honour the contribution Patricia made to Faithlegg N.S.


It is hoped to see the return of the school library and some other events such as music lessons following the October 22nd easing of Covid 19 restrictions. This will all be done in adherence to the latest guidance which we await from the Department of Education. 

Board of Management Report to Parents for Academic Year 2020/2021

Board of Management Agreed Report from meeting held

School Crossing
The Board discussed the concerns parents had raised regarding safety
for children and adults when crossing the road in front of the school due
to traffic and the speed at which cars drive past. The submissions from
the Board of Management and the community groups were discussed
and all agreed that appropriate signage and speed limits were of utmost
importance. The need for the crossing to be constructed over the
summer was discussed also and it was felt having this completed prior
to the return to school August 30th would not only make sense but be
necessary to facilitate a safe return to school. 
Exemption from Irish & Substance misuse Policies
Both policies were ratified by the Board

School bus
The organisation of a bus for the school community was discussed and
progress is being made in this regard. It is hoped that following early
soundings, a bus service could return to the school for the coming
school year.

School uniform
The Board agreed that the return to school in August should see the
return to the school uniform on non P.E days and school tracksuit on P.E
or sports days which has been a long standing arrangement in the

Board of Management Agreed Report from meeting held

● The Board of Management would like to thank the Parents’
Association for their successful fundraising efforts before the
Easter break. The raffle raised €1183.Thanks to all
involved-organisers, supporters and our special guest the
Easter Bunny for their commitment to the school!
● The Board of Management ratified the Managing Chronic
Conditions policy
● Safety at drop off and pick up times: In the interests of
safety, all members of the school community are reminded of
the parking protocol and adhering to drop off and collection
● Traffic lights: It is hoped to have a safe crossing point in front
of the school for the beginning of the next school year. There
will be a set of traffic lights and a crossing point installed
which will not only make it safer for drop off and collection
but will hopefully encourage more children and parents to
walk to school on fine days.
● The Board agreed to give the go ahead to gaelic football
coaching in school. Our Games development Officer David
Robinson is working on a timetable for May and we will let
you know when this is finalised.
● We received thank you letters from GOAL and Saint Vincent
de Paul following our recent fundraising events. €424 was
raised for GOAL through our jersey day and €1,052.90 was
raised for Saint Vincent de Paul at Christmas. Thank you all
so much for your amazing support.
● It is hoped that children will be able to go on nature walks
now that the weather has improved. It will be great to see the
children learning about the local environment.