Parents Association News

Hi to all the Parents!

We wanted to welcome all new parents to the Parents Association and remind anyone newish to the school (including some of us on the committee!) what the PA is all about, and we want to thank all the parents who do so much already. You’re amazing.

What is the Parents Association?

·         Basically, the PA is all of us, the parents of children going to Faithlegg. If you have a child in the school, you are part of the PA!

·         The PA is a way for the parents to link in with the school and support the children and the great work of the school.

What does the PA do?

·         The PA fundraises throughout the year to be able to contribute towards:

o    extracurricular activities for the children such as yoga, baking, gymnastics, art & craft classes, music lessons, languages, buses to swimming

o    equipment and resources the children might need but the school is struggling to finance such as iPads, computers, printers, coding robots (how cool)

o    events and celebrations for the children such as the sixth class yearbooks, halloween disco at Faithlegg Hotel, the Communion and Confirmation celebrations, and surprises like visits from Santa and the Easter Bunny, goodie bags, hot chocolates, ice creams (lads they’re spoilt)

o    talks for parents and/or children – such as internet safety, healthy eating and first aid

o    much bigger things from time to time such as the astroturf and the library

·         The PA often comes up with and organises these extracurricular activities

·         The PA works with the school to improve policy in a collaborative way.

How can you get involved?

·         All this doesn’t happen without you, the parents. We would really hope that everyone could get involved in at least one small way or another throughout the year. There are loads of ways to get involved in a way that suits your schedule and interests:

o    You can help out now and again on the different fundraising events. This could be anything from baking cakes for the cake sale, donating a prize to the raffles, being a ‘bouncer’ (supervisor!) at the Halloween disco or volunteering a few hours in the library which is all run on a voluntary basis

o    You can put forward any ideas you might have for extracurricular activities you think would benefit the children, if we can finance them we will and we’re always delighted to support anyone who has an idea and a plan (or even half a plan!)

o    You can join the committee as a committee member and be part of the nuts and bolts of things, (less work than it sounds and occasionally actually fun)

o    There is a ‘Friends of the PA’ WhatsApp group for all the parents of children at the school. Through it we let parents know what’s going on and put out the call out when we need help and/or volunteers for different things. If you are not yet on the group please send a message saying hi to Alison on 087 4671047 and she will add you. Don’t reply to this email.

o    There is also a lovely newsletter called the Good News Report for the children and parents run by Imelda, where the children can share news, we share photos etc. from the events and other info from the PA and run competitions for the children. Anyone can contribute anything to the newsletter. Past Good News Reports can be found here on the school website

About the PA Committee

·         The PA is represented by a small committee of parent volunteers which changes every few years

·         The PA committee links in with the school, organises the fundraisers and activities with help from all the parents, manages the accounts and tries to keep everyone in the loop as to what’s going on and what’s needed

·         The current PA is Alison, Anne, Nyasha, John and Gillian. We have put some of our photos here so you can at least know who we are at the school gate. Please come say hi!

All the best from the Committee,

Alison, Anne, Nyasha, John and Gillian